Reblog of Sex Trafficking Poem

This poem talks about how women or men might feel when they have been sex trafficked. Anyone reveiwing this topic of sex trafficking might speak up and say that they are not for sale. Humans are not objects that should be brought or sold. I reposted this poem because not alot of information like this on sex trafficking can be found in a poem. Hopefully Nashat and I see more of this in wordpress.

One of our followers story…

In one of our instagram posts, one of our followers reached out to us and shared her story. Now we want to share her story with you. One of our followers on instagram named: “woody_knoll_publishing” is a publisher who wrotes about her stories of the abuse she endured as a child and her teenage life. Luckily now she seems to be doing great, and we applaud her for being able to share her story out to the public. She has been through alot, “I was not trafficked but i was molested since diapers many timesby many poeple. beaten at home bullied in school, knifepoint at 10 raped at 16.” She is a strong women for being able to reach out to people and spread awareness. One day we are sure that she will get the recognition she deserves. Hopefully she lives a long life full of safety and happiness.

Our progress

We have been making a bit of progress in our other social media platforms. Although we are not making any progress whatsoever on here but on instagram our followers have been going up, along with our likes. We are now at 90 followers on instagram, and we are so close to a 100. We have been getting alot more likes for example we posted a post on the date: May 28th, we got around 20 likes. Compared to our first post, we gotalot more likes. Our progress is not that impressive but slow and steady wins the race. W e are still trying to figure out how we can get an improvement on here.

How many Sex trafficking Victims are there?

You may be wonedering how many sex trafficking victims are there world wide. The answer to that question is around 20 to 30 million according to This is probably not even close to the actual number of people who get sex trafficked because not everyone gets recorded and this could be happening behind closed doors. All the sex traffickers combined annually make aorund 32 billion every year. This is very horrying due to the fact that usually people are just sold for $90. Hopefully one day the numbers will die down and our faith in humanity could be saved.

Sex Trafficking In North Korea

Sex traffikcing is a world wide problem. Nothing we could do could stop this problem, if we don’t start from putting this into our education system (teaching kids about sex trafficking). In NOrth korea there was many women who were sextrafficked and put inside of a truck. They were going to be sold in china as if they were items people could use and have sex with. Somehow all of the women were able to escape. But not everyone has a happy ending, so please like this blog so we could spread awareness.

Our bad start

Hey guys. For this blogging session, I wanted to speak about how bad our sextrafficking spreading awareness is doing. We don’t get any feed back or comments from others. We’ve only gotten around like 5 views for the begininng of when we started this. We will try to continue and keep up with the media. Day by day, there are worst sex trafficking stories coming out and there is still no one doing anything about it. We will try to do good, and not let our follower down…

Sex Trafficking in New Jersey

Out of nowhere statistics have shown that sex trafficking rates are increasing drastically in New Jersey. In 2018 84% of New Jersey has been calling hotlines due to the probelm of sex trafficking. This almost the whole entire population trying to reach out about this problem, there also could’ve been more conflicts but proably not all were recorded. There has been public awareness campaigns recently in New Jersey to put a stop to this situation that is getting worst and worst day by day. Statistics from:


This blog talk about the twenty-five states that would presectue poeple if they were caught sex trafficking. I wanted to reblog this because this shount be present in half of the states in the U.S.A, it should be present everywhere. There were many horrifying cases where the jury wasn’t so harsh on the sex traffickers, which leads people to not having hope about their future.

Sex Traffikcing

The overall goal of Nashat and I’s project is to spread awareness on this topic. Since sex trafficking is a hidden and common topic, people don’t feel the need to spread word on it. My project was unsuccessful because our highest viewed blog was only 4 views. On instagram we have about 100 followers. And only 13 people signed our petition.

This project was very successful because we barely had any followers on instagram. The average likes per post that we have for our instagram page was twenty-one. We also only had three posts and about a 100 followers. Most of our followers were from our friends who were close to us, they didnt follow us or like our posts because they were interested about sex trafficking, it’s just because we are friends with them.

Another reason as to why our project was unsuccessful was because or our blogging site. We only had 14 posts and the most view we got was four views. One of the views was from out teacher Shantanu Saha, and two of them were probably from ourselves (Nashat and I). This means we only had one random viewer. No one reblogged our did anything to our posts.

The last reason as to why our project was doing really bad was because of the online petition. We only had 13 singers including Nashat, I didn’t even sign it. Most of the signers were kids in our class, they did all this to help promote us, but not for the reason of being interested in sex trafficking. We only promoted our online petition on social media about 5 times. We would need allot more than just 13 signers to make a change in our society.

Our evidence clearly showed how this project went downhill very quickly because we barely had any viewers or signers. In the future, when there is another project about supporting a topic and spreading awareness about it, Nashat and I will put much more effort into it. We will try to post blogs daily so that there is new content to the viewers that we have. We will also try to promote our online petition alot more frequently so we could get more signerzs. On instagram we will try to follow people who are into politics so others can see what er are working on. Next time we will go viral.

Re Blogging

“Twelve people have been charged in Hennepin County. In Anoka County, Marcellus Braswell is charged with dropping off a 16-year-old to provide sex for money and is facing up to 20 years in prison or a $50,000 fine. In Ramsey County, Adrian Cortez Edwards is charged with engaging in the sex trafficking of an individual for dropping off a woman to engage in sex for money at a Maplewood hotel over the weekend. He could receive up to 15 years in prison, a $30,000 fine or both.
“Some of them we know through our investigation came in specifically for the Final Four,” Evans said. “We want this activity to end we want to make it so it’s not okay to traffic human beings.”
Twenty-eight victims were rescued from trafficking situations during the operation, including one minor. This Human Trafficking Investigators task force is active statewide and year-round.”

I thought this was a good post to reblog because it shows a good example of the consequences of sext trafficking. Yes these are severe but are they enough? in my opinion this is not enough once they get out who knows what they will do again. What do you guys think?