One of our followers story…

In one of our instagram posts, one of our followers reached out to us and shared her story. Now we want to share her story with you. One of our followers on instagram named: “woody_knoll_publishing” is a publisher who wrotes about her stories of the abuse she endured as a child and her teenage life. Luckily now she seems to be doing great, and we applaud her for being able to share her story out to the public. She has been through alot, “I was not trafficked but i was molested since diapers many timesby many poeple. beaten at home bullied in school, knifepoint at 10 raped at 16.” She is a strong women for being able to reach out to people and spread awareness. One day we are sure that she will get the recognition she deserves. Hopefully she lives a long life full of safety and happiness.

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