Lasting Effects of Sex Trafficking

This story shows how a victim who has been sex trafficked is suffering from many disorders. She has constant fear of not being safe, even in her house. She has a lot of scarring from all the tough times she went through, and now it might take a long time for her to recover. This shows the aftermath of victims who were sex trafficked.

Sex Trafficking Should Be Vanishing

Hi, my name is Arin and I made a video about sex trafficking . I hope you enjoy my video and please comment and like it.

While I was copying making my Unit 4 Presentation, I ended up learning a lot of things. I learned that in order to do a voice over for your presentation, Keynote is probably one of the easiest apps to use. I also learned that sex trafficking is kind of kept a secret on the internet. The most horrifying stories of sex trafficking has barely hit any major news companies. I had to research a lot to find out some sex trafficking stories and it was hard to find if any of those stories were on any news shows.

I think this presentation is important because not many people are aware of what goes on around the world. It’s not fair to those people who are survivors of this tragedy to keep their stories hidden and not be able to speak out. This video will give people basic information about sex trafficking, which I’m pretty sure they never heard of before. Hopefully in 2019 people can start spreading more awareness.

Websites that Help put an end to Sex Trafficking

Equality now is an amazing website that helps inform new comers on the reality of sex trafficking. it gives you an insight on who the majority of victims are and the things that these poor kids and adults are going through. but thats not all, the website wants you to help put it to an end to it.

“Equality Now advocates for a legal framework that:

  • Criminalizes those who exploit people for profit, including sex buyers, traffickers, pimps and brothel-keepers
  • Decriminalizes people in prostitution, including victims of trafficking, and provides them with support services – including to leave prostitution if they wish to do so
  • Recognizes that without demand (buyers), there would be no ‘need for a supply’ and therefore, criminalizes the demand for commercial sex that fuels prostitution and trafficking into prostitution”

so please stop by the website.


This blog post shows how the after affects of being saved from sex trafficking. Many kids could be given the chance to turn their life to something big and successful. Kids deserve the chance to set goals and live life instead of being locked inside of a basement. #helpspreadawareness


Students in my class shared an every day fear of being kidnapped at the mall, at Walmart, walking to/from class, walking outside of their homes, interviewing for a job, etc. In past semesters, we have often talked about “what do you do on an everyday basis to avoid being raped or assaulted.” Typically, male-identifying students saying “nothing”/”it’s not something I think about.” Female-identifying students have long lists that include having pepper spray at the ready, having a gun, etc.

I felt like this was a good post because instead of viewing things as a victim your are seeing things from children who are actually scared to become one.

  • Nashat

victims eyes

Catie Hart was trafficked by a man she thought of as her boyfriend.  Their relationship became increasingly threatening, till the 18 y.o. was forced into prostitution.  Fear kept her from escaping.
The line between “boyfriend” and “trafficker” was intentionally blurred from the outset.  This type of grooming is typical.  Catie’s story did not though end there.  She is now training to become a computer programmer.

I felt like this was a very important part from a blog I read because it showed what sex trafficking was through a victims eyes.

  • Nashat